What I did today

Today, the two classes rejoined for a shared assignment. It was titled ‘BerkMart Event’, and included using data between both google docs and google sheets. Our task was to organize a fictional investors conference for BerkMart at a hotel local to our respective areas.

What I did today

Picked out a tech article. Worked on new project in Google Sheets. I have never used that feature and have stayed away from spreadsheets during my illustrious career so this is a real challenge. I am going to watch a youtube video or perhaps several lol.

This is me after many videos on spreadsheets. Β Β  Β Β  Β Β  Β Β 

What Did I Do Today/Week

Today was a pretty awesome day, Devin is very helpful and committed to making sure everyone is on the same page. Week wise also was great, I completed all my skillsoft assignments, and logged my scores. Last week I forgot to take the quizzes but did them this week, along with the required 3, I look forward to both Core and employment classes every week. The core class has taught me a lot about coding and HTML.

What I Did Today

Today was actually a pretty great day! I learned more about my VM (virtual machine) and all the functions I have available to me. I am learning more and more about writing html codes. Jose is a great instructor and has his hands full very day, but handles it like he has been doing this for 20+ years or more. Great job!